Shades of an Indian Summer Home

Posted on May 10th, 2020 10:29 AM

The idea is to bring freshness and coolness to interiors during the solstice. We know Indian Summers are a thing but, with your home interiors done right, it will bring that serene touch of solace as soon as you step inside. The magic is in the colors you choose in your home, as much as it is to your furniture and décor accents.

 So, let's channel the inner interior-design instincts and find the never-go-wrong color palettes this summer.

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Ivory and Everything!

It will be an absolute sin if we do not include this ‘patent’ summer shade! It is an unsung reminder of the coast; soothing and so peaceful. Such a simple yet a stunning furniture upholstery color for summers. 

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Honestly, coastal ivory will pair or trio with any color in your home interiors and works best with almost any pastel hue. And that is the best thing about it. Although our favorite tip with ivory is to stick to natural elements and accents that results in effortless beach house vibes. If you do not want to go for the beach vibes – try prints – (but strictly delicate) in this shade – they exude contemporary with a hint of rooted undertones and then pair with patterned - bold, jewel-toned tiny accents to add a tint of contrast. 

A Perfect Summer Abode!

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#2 Dusky Blue

Perhaps there’s nothing dreamier than summer night skies, we reckon. The mystery of this color has a particular twinkle that will illuminate your home with a sense of wonderfully-warm retreat.

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Blue, any shade of it will naturally bring in a cooling touch to your interiors. With this color our best bet is to stick to the obvious blends of – dusky blue, grey and white. Although you may experiment with a contrasting orange (and shades) for that retro vibe, but it is a tricky one during summers.

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#3 Very Berry Red

We know what you think of red – in interior and that too in summers!? We will try to change your perspective. This copious color has extensive pairing capabilities that allow one to push their limits. Red is inspiring, fun, and stylish color. We promise.

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A bright splish-splash of berry red, even if it is in the tiniest form, will make a big statement. We recommend red in single accents and pair it off with cooler tones or black. 

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#4 Rose Dust Pink

When you look at the desert sand in the gleaming scorching sunlight – this is the color you will see. Absolutely resonates with summers. It is a soft tone with just enough edginess. 

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Blends well with both warm and cool tones, and is the new neutral of the season. Go all pink or add larger accents of this beautifully soft tone. Summers will shine through! 

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#5 All of the Green

Green is one of the most underused color in interior design and perhaps a beautiful addition in homes for summer. It tends to add a sense of continuity with the outside, flourished with foliage, and brings it inside. Who doesn’t need a little freshness at home!



Green is organic, fresh, and relaxing at the same time. Bring in the lively unexpected touch to your interiors by using a mint green to deep forest. Bring in smaller accents like vases or lampshades or go big with your focal furniture upholstered in green. Green works well with all earthy and rooted colors. Mix rattan or handwoven elements with it or add the green tint by using houseplants.

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So, all in all, these colors will add a refreshing to soothing touch in your spaces. Let us know which one you think works the best, and also share your suggestions with us. If you used any of these colors or made your own summer home - give us a shout out on Instagram, we would love to hear from you!

Happy Summering!
Stay Safe and Redecorate.
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