Empty Walls: A canvas of endless possibilities

Posted on April 3rd, 2024 11:10 AM

As our modern homes skew towards becoming subtle manors of neutral tones and whitescapes, the festive season brings us the perfect opportunity to turn the vacant visages of our walls into vivacious displays of personality. Brimming with the possibilities of turning into works of art, barren walls lay out a canvas for your creativity and style as they open a world of endless prospects. Whether you want to transform those empty stark walls into an oasis of functionality with wall-mounted shelves or showcase your masterful taste with hand-painted art frames and accent wall sconces. This blog enlists all the possible ways you can enliven your overlooked neutral walls with exquisite wall decor ideas and bring character into your home.


More than just additions for your last-minute outfit checks, Mirrors have the remarkable ability to transcend their functional roles and can also adorn your walls with a unique layer of brilliance and sophistication. A lustrous finish ornate mirror with hand-carved arch details adorns an antique and enchanting allure to any setting, whereas a classic rectangular leader-clad mirror with chevron detail on the surface brings out an understated and refined glamour. If placed across windows, Mirrors also have the quality of giving smaller spaces the illusion of spaciousness and brightness as they cleverly reflect the surrounding area and fill the room with more light.


If you ask any book lover, you would know instantaneously how bookshelves in and around the house are an absolute must. But as you exhaust the floor and cabinet space of your reading nook and library, wall-mounted shelves can be your answer to it all. Serving the dual purpose of residing extra books with style as well as catering as a display for all our favourite reads; textured wall shelves strike a perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Inviting a balance of symmetry, wooden wall shelves that look like they are floating across your walls infuse earthy textures and add a touch of enchantment to any space while seamlessly evolving as a showcase for memorable tchotchkes, sculptural decor objects, and petite indoor plants. Breaking the monotony of blank walls, a wooden or rattan floating shelf harbours hidden potential in unexpected corners of your home and aids in the decorative ventures of the festive season with its rustic and organic appeal


Now that you have come up with a colour scheme and added captivating decor to your walls, it is time to add a bit of glimmer and opulence to this curated scenery. Wall sconces are not just a lighting solution to add ambient lighting to a room but can also be a tactful touch to direct the onlooker’s gaze and bring certain elements to light while hiding others in the background. They can thus balance the interplay of depth & dimension vs the mood and aesthetic in a space. In addition to their functional features of casting a soft warm ambient glow throughout the room or highlighting the wallpapers and decor, ornate and resplendent wall sconces can also infuse beauty and elegance to your walls. They can draw attention and adorn your walls with an artistic illumination that is captivating and charismatic.


For all those creative souls who treasure a good piece of art, Hand-painted art frames infuse a dash of colours and charisma to empty entryway or bedroom walls. An eloquent nature-inspired motif in a bevel-edged frame can also bring chime in Victorian elegance to a room and fill your spaces with a snooze of nostalgia with its colonial aesthetic, while also offering you a reminder of the outdoors. These artwork frames can thus help create a tranquil and vivacious ambiance and bring out your unique personality in the process. The craftsmanship involved in hand-painted art frames makes them a focal point, adding depth and character to your walls as well.


Bringing vigour and vibrant energy into your homes, adding personalised décor elements to your walls lets your walls speak of your personality to spectators. For instance, the dynamic visual of sports-theme wall decor not only adds a focal point and brings visual intrigue into the room, but also depicts a piece of the owner’s lifestyle and love for sports. So whether you are a football fanatic, a hockey admirer or a cricket buff, our exquisite and unique sports wall decor will reflect your love for the game and let the walls speak your mind.


As you embark on a journey of incorporating visual intrigue into your living rooms, welcome a realm of organic textures, eye catching feel & complex handcrafted details to your walls. The novelty of natural materials can welcome a deep-rooted elegance to your interiors as handwoven wall decor in rattanseagrass or cords bring new life to long-standing decor and add a casual yet classy vibe to your interiors. A cluster of wall decor over a console setup, on top of a sofa or your bedroom back wall is a great way to add visual interest and create a focal point in the space. Such a textural gallery wall can also impart a bohemian or coastal inspired aesthetic to your home and showcase your style and personality.


If you are looking to transform the entire aesthetic of your space with simplicity and without the hassles of painting your walls over and over, Wallpapers are just the right fit to give your walls a makeover. Whether your aesthetic is more minimal or maximalist, printed wallpapers can be a complete game changer in depicting your unique personality and also exuding a sense of variation in between a sea of blank walls. For instance, A floral wallpaper like our ‘Wild Flowers at Barrington Court Wallpaper’ can infuse a sprightly splendour to your blase bedroom walls and bring contrast to the bed’s headboard, whereas a rich Mughal pattern like our ‘The Palace Peacocks Wallpaper’ can add grandiosity and a sense of art deco regality to your living room. Embedding your surroundings with a pop of colour and pattern, the vivacious motifs and dramatic prints in wallpapers can pull a room together as they introduce an overall colour scheme with their many colourways and cater to creating a harmonious and cohesive space.


Now that you’ve explored various wall decor options, why should you have to choose just one? Luckily, the trick to making your empty walls engaging is that it is almost always more effective and interesting if done with a curated collection of different types of wall decor pieces. Layering multiple wall decor accents at different eye levels can echo a whimsical and distinctive energy around the space, and bring a little something for everyone to look at and cherish. It can also be a method to showcase your ever-evolving and diverse taste and can be masterfully mixed and matched to create a gallery wall that is a true representation of your creative expression.

In conclusion, a crisp white wall works astoundingly in creating an easy-breezy environment that feels open and inviting but lacks the tools to carry the mood or aesthetic of your space. These empty walls are however not a void, but a canvas brimming with possibilities. Hence, whether you opt for wall shelves, mirrors, wallpapers, artwork or accent lighting; let each choice add colour, charisma and personality to your home. With the festive season approaching, now is the best time to elevate your vacant walls and bring depth and dimension to a formerly uninspired corner. So, let your imagination run wild as you manifest magnificence onto your mundane walls and get creative with Gulmohar Lane’s unique and exquisite collection of wall decor choices. Explore, experiment, and embark on a journey to create a space that is uniquely yours on your own or get the help of professional veterans in the industry in telling your story with our Layout Services.


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