The Blue Effect: Cooler Hues for a Calmer Mood!

Posted on April 4th, 2024 10:22 AM

Synonymous with peace and calm, Blue is the trusty old friend that refreshes your soul when you set eyes on it. Found all around us in different hues, the color blue whispers stories of both steadfast reliability and the boundless horizons of our ever-evolving thoughts and emotions. There are so many tinges of this hue, whether you opt for a moody blue, powder blue, navy, or teal, shades of blue evoke a wide spectrum of emotions and are suitable for every space and tone. Serene or simple, dreamy or dependable; this versatile shade can be the accent tone to cool things down in the kitchen or the one to inspire relaxation in the family room.


An icy blue wall, printed wallpaper, a console table in deep oceanic finishes, or small hints of turquoise across the room through cushion covers. Spread this cool hue all around your home with a mix of soft textures and neutral tones and usher in a mod vibe that can calm things out! Fill your interiors with the Pacific warmth and energy of our brisk blue fabricsfinishes, and decor options, and wander into an ethereal realm of tranquility, togetherness, and comfort. Who knew blue could look this good? Continue reading to find out how to beautify your home with “The Blue Effect” and uplift your mood with the counterintuitive choice of calmer hues this season


Choosing blue to cure the January blues…Seems unusual right?  It is exactly what you should do though! The choice of colors in and around your everyday surroundings can profoundly impact and influence your behavior, emotions, and perceptions. Picking the right colors in your home’s interiors is a powerful tool to instigate a desired emotional response, both from you and from the people visiting your place. Cool-tone colors such as blues and greens tend to evoke feelings of calmness and tranquility.

Think of the feeling you get when admiring the boundless sky or the gentle waves caressing the seashore. Cleanliness, calmness, and grandeur are all embodied by the color blue. It’s a tint that can calm us down and help us feel at peace instantaneously. In addition, blue is also a color with a long-standing history of being connected with royalty! Depending on the intensity of the tone, Blue is a shade that can be equal parts soothing and uplifting, all at the same time! Adding a touch of it to your interior through our interesting vases collectionscatter pillows or ottomans may even give it a regal air of splendor and encourage you to live out loud!


Think about being in the middle of the forest, in a chalet with a warmly lit fire. Channel rustic charm by incorporating light tones, from neutral-colored walls, washed out velvet fabric sofas in dusky blues to natural looking lighter finished wood paired with rattan textures that create a charming aesthetic. Opt for nature-inspired printed upholstery and pair it with lighter wood finishes for a perfect country meets palace feel!


Dramatic, brooding blues give every room more charm and lend a cozy inviting vibe. When combined with warmer-toned metals like brass accents such as our Seattle Wall Sconces, a deep blue-tone upholstered bed in our Gir Cobalt cotton-linen blend fabric provides a sense of richness and elegance to your bedroom. With expansive collections in strikingly bright and dense blue tone attars, such as our Shikaar BaghPalace Bagh, or Aaram Bagh Collection that feature a range of complementary bold blue motifs through decorative cushions, wallpapers, and even upholstery options; your home can be bestowed with a larger than life feel of grandeur, regality and understated luxury.


Decorating with blue-tone wood finishes will give your interiors a timeless appeal and provide you the opportunity to design a huge spectrum of elegant spaces. Decorating with blue helps yield settings that are spectacular and energizing as well as relaxing and restorative because of the wide range of tones that are accessible, from powdery sky blue tints to bright turquoises. Harmonizing two or more of these shades in the right amounts gives you a pairing that always seems new and refreshing!

If you are one with a penchant for nautical panoramas, our inky blue finishes can bestow a statement of poise and stately sophistication to your interiors. Pull some oceanic blues in your home office with our Malabar Hill Study Desk in Ocean Finish for a pragmatic but imaginative space or add our majestic Lawrence Chest of Drawers as a vanity in your coastal-inspired bedroom. The deep blue tone on natural wood hence emulates both a pristine calmness as well as an elevated rustic look for your creativity to flow.


Each texture brings something different to a room, finding the textures for you is key as it brings a slice of your personality to your space. Incorporating a variety of textures will give the décor some depth and bring the overall feel of the room together. An easy way to include more textures in your décor is by adding some velvet cushions and rugs alongside decor accessories such as glass vases to give your room some character, or a pair of statement signature printed armchairs with contrasting throw pillows for the ultimate chic look. Add these accessories in proportions with shades of blue too.

Live Out Loud and give your home or business a reinvigorate, taking your mind off the distant memories of the festive season and yet celebrating life every day. We hope this blog has inspired you to give your interior space a refresh that vibes with your charm and personality.


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