Living Room

Living Room

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Living rooms are not just spaces to socialize and showcase your personality; they are also places for rest and relaxation. Whether your ideal living space leans towards a cozy retreat with soothing textures or a grandiose showcase of glamorous, picture-perfect pieces, our living room furniture collection has you covered! Our expansive collection includes an array of handcrafted sofas, elegant armchairs, and comfortable ottomans that embody your desired aesthetic while ensuring unparalleled comfort for you and your guests.

Experience the exquisite craftsmanship of our handcrafted sofas, featuring a versatile range of slipcover, sectional, and sofa cum bed designs. With sizing options of up to 4-seaters, our sofas cater to various seating needs and are available in a myriad of fabric, leather and velvet upholstery options along with unique rattan and brass detailings. As an extra touch, our signature prints, adorned with nature-inspired motifs, bring a soothing and captivating look to our collection of chaise and futons.
No matter what your living room aesthetic may be, minimalist modern or earthy-rustic charm, our range of furniture will complement your interior style perfectly. From our distinct coffee tables, functional side tables, to versatile cupboards, each piece adds a finishing touch of sophistication to your living space. Moreover, our exquisite collection of consoles, bookshelves, and TV units not only ties the room together but also provides essential storage, ensuring an organized and clutter-free lifestyle.

At Gulmohar Lane, we are passionate about the art of customization and recognize that certain spaces require special attention and intricate detailing to truly come to life. That's why we offer customizations in our furniture designs, allowing you to create a tailored space. Our bespoke services also lets you make your home uniquely and truly yours by customising a Gulmohar Lane Sofa Design with your own choice of fabric. So, Explore our living room furniture collection today and transform your space into a haven of style and comfort.


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